How to Produce a Hollywood Fringe Show

· Ages 18+ · 2hrs to 180 mins

one person show

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Curious about the Hollywood Fringe Festival and wonder if it’s a good fit?

Ask your questions and get direct feedback from a  producer of over 25 fringe shows.


Haven’t written your show or part way through it?

Learn the boundaries and challenges of HFF before or while writing your show.


Doesn’t HFF give a lot of information?
They Do. The workshop is also a great way to support that material, in a condensed but digestible format that includes an interactive budget, timeline and pr guide.


Make the most of your HFF experience, before, during and after the festival in June.


Get all of your questions answered, including the ones you don’t know and an overview of the Hollywood Fringe in this entertaining  2+ hour workshop, “How to Produce a Hollywood Fringe Production” taught by 25-year veteran producer / 13-year Hollywood Fringe veteran producer Matthew Quinn of Combined Artform, a host of Pick of the Fringe and one of the largest bookers of the HFF at Asylum theaters.

Matt  has been teaching hundreds of Fringers over the years on how to navigate the challenges of producing live theatre in Los Angeles. In this three hour plus course, he will walk you step-by-step in the process of producing a fringe show. He will inform you on what to expect, show you how to create a realistic budget, provide you with marketing strategies, tell you about the fringe community, the type of awards for your show, how to approach streaming a show and much more. He will get you on the path to having your best show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In addition, you will leave with helpful spreadsheets to create a budget, pr guide and a “To-Do” timeline. While this workshop centers on producing for the Hollywood Fringe, producers will find it helpful for independent productions as well. Take the first step to connect with the theater community in Hollywood.

This class is being offered online only. Contact us if interested in in-person workshops or other times.


The online class is 2+ hours long.

EMAIL[email protected] for future dates and consulting.


Shows booked at ASYLUM, please contact Matt Quinn for code.


Matthew Quinn (Artistic Producer – Combined Artform / Executive Producer – Theater Asylum)  

​has been involved in theater production and venue management for over 20 years in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He created Combined Artform, as a production company in 1998 with Producer Bertha Rodriguez and has produced, co-produced, presented, booked and promoted hundreds of shows. He has been an active player as an advisor, venue manager with the Hollywood Fringe Festival since its onset in 2010, He has been involved with 13 shows in the Hollywood Fringe including Top of the Fringe and Best Comedy “WOMEN” (w/Beth Dies) and “Pick of the Fringe” (w/Fringe Management). Also, in 2010, Matthew started the Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award, for “best of” Hollywood Fringe and in 2016 BEYOND ENCORES. From the ENCORES, he has co-produced extensions of Pulp Shakespeare, Pokemusical and Sunny Afternoon. In 2016, he and Bertha Rodriguez partnered with Studio C Artists to explore stage to film/TV models.  Starting in 2018 Matthew Quinn has become a West Coast scout and booking agent for the International Fringe Encore Series (NYC) and the Soho Playhouse. In 2019 he produced “Latina Christmas Special” at the SoHo Playhouse and expanded into the UK and Japan.  In 2021, he worked on several streaming productions, touring digital fringes and created the YouTube show “What’s Next?”. 2022 he began the talent management company Asylum Arts Management and again with Berth Rodriguez in 2023 the Hollywood Independent Hit Festival.




“Matthew Quinn is very approachable, knows everything about HFF, and shared all of his expertise in a very easy-to-understand manner. Plus he even provided us with a bunch of info and resources we could consult after the workshop. I could not have asked for a better workshop!

This workshop is the perfect introduction for a first-time fringer! After attending Matthew Quinn’s workshop, I felt completely prepared to produce my HFF show, even though I knew nothing about the festival or the process beforehand. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”
—Matthew Hennigar – “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road”

I’m a first time fringe producer and I highly recommend this workshop! When I went in, I knew nothing about HFF, and now I feel like I know everything! Also, Matthew Quinn (the instructor) goes to most of the events, so you’ll automatically know at least one person there!”
—Holiday Kinard – “Lincoln 2020”

“Frank, honest, forthcoming, and realistic about what it takes in terms of dedication, time, effort, and professionalism needed to do a fringe show. Matthew clearly broke down the process from start to finish, what to expect, and what you need to do to set yourself up for success. Incredibly helpful guide how to realize your vision at the fringe fest. A must-go for any first time fringer or anyone needed to buff up on the ins and outs of the festival.”
—Scott Langer-  “Thank You For Loving Me.”

“The workshops really helped me brace for what I was in for, which turned out to be REALLY ambitious, and yet, still doable. I certainly look forward to more informative workshop opportunities!”
—Thea Rivera – “Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical”


“Matthew kept things loose and conversational, making the workshop feel more like a discussion than a lecture. And with his extensive Fringe and theater background, he gave us plenty of tips and insights that can only come through experience. The budgeting and scheduling worksheets he sends out after the class were also immensely helpful. A thorough workshop on everything you need to know about producing a Fringe show. Matthew Quinn runs through booking a space, publicity tips, estimated production costs, general logistics, and more, giving you all the tools you need to start without overwhelming you in information. As a newcomer to independent theater, this class was exactly what I needed to start my Fringe journey.”
—Eric Depriester- “Treason”

“Matthew is extremely generous with his knowledge and time, and is a great ambassador for the fringe community and experience. The orientation provided a very helpful overview of everything a fringe producer needs to know and be aware of. Beyond the workshop itself, Matthew also sends out emails with links to helpful content and heads up about important events to attend. It made starting Fringe a much easier and pleasant experience. Matthew Quinn’s workshop/orientation on producing a show for fringe was informative and comprehensive. It is a great way for a first-time producer to get their head on straight about the journey ahead of them.”
—Matthew Latkiewicz – “Life Plan, or Living Your Best Life in a Collapsing World”

“I liked the in depth info he had on seemingly everything. Not to mention still time to take questions throughout the workshop. The spread sheets were a super nice touch.

WoW. My brain is still on fire from the amount of info I was given in 3 hours! Any person looking to produce a Fringe show for the first or even second time should defiantly take this workshop. You will receive helpful hints, tips, and tricks as well as amazing spread sheets that help you budget and figure out a timeline for you and your production. Stop thinking you know everything and go!”
—Jake Ferree – “Sex with Strangers”

“As a first time Fringe producer, I would have been completely adrift without Matt’s workshop. The timing was great, coming before the official HFF talks. This gave me a tiny head start that I absolutely needed. 

The information was broad, not too specific—exactly what I needed. Also, Matt is extremely nice and was happy to stay in touch with me afterwards, and still stayed in touch even though I didn’t use his theater for my show. If you haven’t done Fringe before, I’d say this is REQUIRED ATTENDANCE. If you have done Fringe but want to do better, it should still be REQUIRED.
—Aaron Vanek- “Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale”

“Coming to fringe knowing little about theater production, this workshop was a great, early overview that covered all the important, need to know essentials of getting a play on it’s feet. It is conscience, comprehensive and highly informative. It helped me get a jump start on what needed to be done. Highly recommended!”
—Peter Foldy – “Penetration”